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Who We Are...

Exceptional Education, Inc. is an approved New York City Board of Education Provider of Special Education Support Services (SETSS). We provide legally mandated services for students with disabilities that are necessary to support their progress in schools.

Exceptional Education was founded on the concept of helping children with learning challenges to achieve greater academic results.

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About Us

About Our Founders

The founders of Exceptional Education, Inc., are Kristine Birk and Marilyn Barry. Kristine Birk is a certified Reading Specialist with an MS in Reading and a concentration in Special Education. Marilyn Barry has an MS in Elementary Education and is certified in Students with Disabilities and Childhood Education.

We hope to inspire students to achieve the highest standard of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive program. We are committed to instilling in each of our students a desire to learn, take appropriate risks, and accept challenges.

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