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Teaching Opportunities

Exceptional Education, Inc. is always looking for qualified individuals to fill SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services) positions in New York City including the five boroughs.

Teachers who qualify with the proper credentials should contact us for more information about available teaching positions.

Several teaching opportunities at many different private schools are available for those in the New York City area. Find out if you have the right certifications and qualifications to become part of our amazing staff.

Teacher and Student, Teaching Opportunities in New York City

The Requirements to Teach in This Particular Field Are as Follows:

• Provisional or Permanent New York State Education Department Certificate in Special Education
• Professional New York State Education Department Certificate in either Students with Disabilities (grade specific) or Literacy
• Initial (Formerly known as provisional) New York State Education Department Certificate in Either Students with Disabilities (Grade Specific) or Literacy
• Permanent, Initial, or Professional Certificate in Reading or Literacy
• Internship Certificate in Students with Disabilities or Literacy
• Transitional B Certificate (Alternative Certificate) in Students with Disability or Literacy

Additional Requirements

For a teaching opportunity, fingerprinting is required by the New York City or State Education Department. You may not apply for this position if you have worked for the Board of Education in the last year.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” — Benjamin Franklin.

See if you'd be a perfect fit with our special education services in New York City, by contacting us today.